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Is Codeworks Right for You?

See if this coding bootcamp is your ticket into big tech

If you're looking to make the jump into a career as a full-time software developer but don't have a technical background, you've likely looked into coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are intense, short-term programs designed to teach participants programming skills to help them land a new career as a software developer.

One coding bootcamp that continues to gain traction across the globe is Codeworks, which displays the slogan "learn to code and change your life" on its homepage. With glowing testimonials and over 350 graduates, the program almost seems too good to be true on a first glance. But is it the best choice for you? We put in the research to find out.

How does it work?

Founded in 2016, Codeworks is a coding bootcamp that offers immersive courses remotely and in-person, with offices in Barcelona, Berlin, London and Toronto.

The company offers two main courses:

  1. Software Engineering Immersive (12-week program): This is Codeworks's flagship course, where participants will complete three projects and receive one week of job preparation.
  2. Web Development Immersive (8-week program). This program covers fundamental programming skills with less depth, with participants completing one personal project and experiencing two days of career orientation. 

Although they're different lengths, the day-to-day time commitment is the same: they require participants to focus for 11 hours a day, six days per week.

Both programs cover the basics: programming languages, data structures and algorithms, back end and front end frameworks, HTML and CSS, security threats, and more.

Upon graduation, Codeworks advertises that its graduates receive access to "an amazing international community" and "lifelong career support." 

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Will it land me a job?

Codeworks boasts a 100% hiring rate amongst its graduates. On its Outcomes page, Codeworks reports that 100% of its graduates who have a work visa and actively looked for employment were able to sign a job offer within six months after completing their Codeworks course. According to Codeworks' student data, 98% of graduates were able to land jobs in the field of software engineering.

It's important to note that this 100% hiring rate does not include individuals who are looking for a job without a valid work visa. Codeworks cautions that the job search is significantly harder for individuals without a visa (especially during Covid).

Codeworks also tracks data from program graduates who decided not to actively seek a new job. Becoming a startup founder and continuing with previous jobs are the top two reasons why Codeworks graduates decided not to pursue a new job as a software developer.

How do I enroll in the program?

To enroll in the program, you'll have to first apply through the Codeworks website. From there, you'll provide some information about yourself including your name, email address, location, what course you're interested in, how you'll be paying for the course and your level of programming experience.

After submitting this information, you will receive a coding test to your email that assesses whether you're ready to enroll in the program. The coding test consists of a few multiple choice questions and three coding challenges that require you to type code into a code editor. However, don't worry if you fail the test; you'll be able to take it again.

For those who have no programming knowledge, Codeworks also provides a solution. The company offers a free "Intro to JavaScript" pre-course that allows beginner programmers to learn the basic concepts of programming and get an introduction into the popular programming language JavaScript. This self-paced course takes about 10-20 hours to complete and covers programming fundamentals including variables, control flows, functions, objects and classes. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills needed to complete the Codeworks coding test — and you'll also get a better feel if the coding bootcamp is the right fit for you. 

How does payment work?

Payment for Codeworks varies based on which course you choose and whether you decide to take the course in-person or virtually. For the Software Engineering Immersive, the remote course is $8,900 and in-person courses in North America cost $13,800. The Web Development Immersive costs $6,500 for the remote course and $8,500 for the in-person option in North America. 

In terms of how participants pay these fees, Codeworks offers three different payment plans that users can select based on their preferences. These include: 

  • Upfront payment: The most straight-forward option where you would pay the full amount before starting the course.
  • Student loan: Involves seeking a loan from a partner financial institution where you would pay back the amount in up to five years.
  • Pay when you get a job: With this option, you would pay a small deposit before the course begins and pay the remaining amount in installments after you land a "satisfying" job offer.

Codeworks does mention that some of these financing options are not available depending on your location, what course you choose and whether you opt for an online or in-person course. You can read more about these specifications on the Codeworks website here.

What are people saying about it?

Codeworks boasts impressive review scores on sites including Switchup (47 reviews, 4.96/5 score) and Course Report (66 reviews, 5/5 score). 

Many positive reviews said that while the program is intense, it was ultimately a very rewarding experience that opened doors for them for new job prospects and a new way of thinking.

One participant from Munich named Felix shares his perspective on a review posted on the Codeworks website. 

"Codeworks is an excellent program if you know what you are paying for. Don’t expect knowledge to be uploaded to your brain, instead think of it more like a mental “gym” with an intense workout plan, guided by lectures and TAs. If you put in the work, you’ll learn a tonne, have a lot of fun and come out of it with a new career in a red-hot industry."

Several Codeworks participants did caution the program can be incredibly daunting and time consuming. Many participants say it is the responsibility of the students to put in the work if they expect to see results. One 2018 Codeworks Barcelona participant described this more below: 

"So this course is not a course where you are going to get your hand held through it. You can get really really easily overwhelmed. It's still a little too pricey. You will have ZERO social life. If you are not from the city and you think that it will be nice to go to Barcelona and see the city while programming, get that thought out of your mind. You will spend 90% of your time awake either reading about programming or actually doing it.

Is it right for me?

Codeworks provides a great opportunity for individuals hoping to make a career shift into a startup or more established tech companies. Maybe you have technical experience and are looking to boost your career by becoming a full-stack developer. Or, maybe you don't have a technical background at all and are looking to dive into the tech industry. With spectacular results and program flexibility, Codeworks could be a fantastic way to qualify yourself for a software engineer job in as little as three months. 

However, it is a coding bootcamp, so by definition, it is quite a time commitment. If you're considering enrolling in one of these courses, do not expect this to be a part-time gig. 

If you're feeling hesitant and have little coding experience, there's no harm in trying out the free intro course Codeworks offers for everyone: "Intro to JavaScript." From there, you can decide whether to apply for Codeworks or consider other programs that may be a better fit for your needs.

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