Interview Prep

Amazon interview course: from A to Z

Learn the insider tricks & frameworks Amazon wants to see — written by ex Amazon bar-raisers and delivered by one of the top interview coaches around.

As you'd expect from a trillion-dollar company, Amazon has a rigorous and unique recruiting process. We worked with former Amazon bar raisers and recruiters to put together the curriculum :

  • Amazon recruiting process: Navigate the process with ease with practical suggestions from Amazon recruiters
  • Amazon Leadership Principles: Learn what each principle means and adopt the repeatable framework that top candidates use — and ditch STAR
  • Written assignment: What is required to succeed

This course covers the Amazon behavioral interview across all roles and includes access to our community where you can view interview question answers separately.

Peer reviewed

This course is professionally peer reviewed by real Amazonians:

  • L7 Product Manager

  • Former Sr SDM L7 and Bar Raiser

  • Former L6 Program Manager

  • Leadership Recruiter working on exec technical roles

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This is an excellent course. Anyone who wants to understand the Amazon mindset will find it extremely valuable
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Intro (10 lessons)

The Amazon Recruiting process
Getting Started
Amazon's 5 step hiring process
Get discovered by an Amazon recruiter
Messaging Amazon Recruiters
Interview logistics
Amazon Phone Interview Logistics
Using Amazon Chime
Books to immerse you in the Amazon culture
Bonus Lesson: Amazon's business model + stats

Phone screen and video interviews (11 lessons)

What Happens in the Interview
Recruiter Phone Screen
Bar Raiser
Interview frameworks (why STAR is not the best)
Common questions
Tell me about yourself
Salary expectation questions
How to approach questions you don't know how to answer
Tell me about a challenge that you faced in your previous role
Tell me about a time you received negative feedback from your manager
Why Amazon?

Leadership Principles (30 lessons)

Why Leadership Principles Matter
Leadership Principle Breakdown
Customer Obsession
Customer Obsession Story Example
Ownership Story Example
Invent and Simplify
Invent and Simplify Story Example
Learn and Be Curious
Learn and be Curious Story Example
Hire and Develop the Best
Hire and Develop the Best Story Example
Insist on the Highest Standards
Insist on the Highest Standards Story Example
Think Big
Think Big Story Example
Bias for Action
Bias for Action Story Example
Frugality Story Example
Earn Trust
Earn Trust Story Example
Dive Deep
Dive Deep Story Example
Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
Have Backbone, Disagree and Commit Story Example
Deliver Results
Are Right, A Lot
Are Right, A Lot Story Example

Amazon Written Assignment (5 lessons)

Written Assignment Intro
Writing Assignment Example
Using a framework
Considerations when describing products
Amazon Writing Style Explained

Amazon Job Offer (1 lessons)

Comp and Benefits compared to FANG
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  • 40+ videos with accompanying worksheets

  • Covers all 14 Leadership Principles

  • Written Assignment sample

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