Interview Prep

The ultimate guide to the Facebook product manager interview

Learn the insider tricks & frameworks Facebook wants to see — written by Facebook PMs themselves and distilled into a self-paced course.

Learn the frameworks and techniques expected in the Facebook PM interview. Covers:

  • Product sense: strategies for handling any product sense question — and why you don't want to be using CIRCLES for Facebook interviews
  • Execution: fool-proof frameworks to nail the three types of execution questions: goal setting, troubleshooting, and tradeoffs
  • Leadership & drive: learn how to present your stories and ace the most routinely underestimated interview

Other companies this course applies to: Lyft, Doordash, Pinterest, Coinbase, Thumbtack, Monday, Square, and most other high-growth startups.

Who this course is for: This course is intended for established PMs, who are already strong product thinkers but need help adapting to the right frameworks.

If you're interviewing at Google, see The ultimate guide to the Google product manager interview

Peer reviewed

This course is professionally peer reviewed by real Facebook PMs:

  • Current PM on the Ads Infra team

  • Former M1 PM/hiring manager at Instagram

  • Growth PM involved with interview training/calibration

21 reviews
Chetan K. ago
Great framework!
Nikesh S. ago
It is the Facebook recruiter actually recommended I buy this course. I have been working on it for 2 months now and just re- interviewed and got to the final Leadership and Drive. The course definitely works
Pratik A. ago
Offer from Facebook
Hired because of this.
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Intro (13 lessons)

The recruiting process
Facebook interview process
Recruiter, sourcer, RC: What's the difference?
The interview
What happens in the interview room
What questions to ask the interviewer
How to use a whiteboard in a video call
Behind the scenes
What happens behind the scenes
Why you might be asked to reinterview
What to do if you're rejected (with a secret hack)
Managing your emotional state

Product sense (22 lessons)

The types of product sense questions you'll get at Facebook
What A+ answers look like
The product sense interview step-by-step
The product sense framework
User needs
What happens after the framework
Sample answers
Sample answer: Help people find a doctor
Sample answer: Help people save money
Tips & strategies
The #1 way to improve your solutions
Why CIRCLES is terrible
What to do when you're stuck
Improving communication
The one tip that will instantly improve your communication
What to do when asked a follow up question
What to do if you realize you're wrong halfway through
Bonus: Ask David a question

Execution (22 lessons)

The three types of execution questions
The one thing you need to get right
Goal setting
About goal setting questions
How to pick the right metric
The goal setting framework
The one cheat code nobody tells you about
Sample answer: You're the PM for Groups, what goal would you set for the team?
Sample answer: You're the PM for Reactions, what goal would you set for the team?
About troubleshooting questions
The troubleshooting framework
Sample answer: Uber rides are down 20%
Sample answer: Comments are down 10%
About tradeoff questions
The tradeoff framework
Sample answer: People You May Know (PYMK) vs. Ads
Sample answer: Photo resolution in news feed
The three common types of tradeoffs
The most common tradeoff types

Leadership & drive (24 lessons)

The #1 mistake people make in behavioral interviews
People over process
Tell me about yourself
Greatest weakness
Handling conflict
Sample answer: How do you work with designers?
Personal Attribute Worksheet
L&D Story Worksheet
Project questions
Tell me about a project you're proud of
L&D Project Description Worksheet
Facebook values
Before we dive into the values...
Getting started
Be bold
Focus on impact
Move fast
Be open
Build social value
Practice on your own
Let's practice

Bonus: Product Management Leadership Interview (7 lessons)

Product leader interview format
Project retrospective strategy
Project retrospective interview questions example
People management in the context of your interview
Worksheet: Managing a poor performer
Cross functional partnership and influence
Operating at Facebook
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