Interview Prep

The ultimate guide to the Google product manager interview

Learn the insider tricks & frameworks Google wants to see — directly from a real PM and one of the most sought after interview coaches.

Learn the frameworks and techniques expected at the Google PM interview. Covers:

  • Product design: strategies for handling any product design question — and why you don't want to be using CIRCLES
  • Analytics & estimation: fool-proof frameworks to nail the three types of analytics questions at Google: goal setting, troubleshooting, and estimation
  • Technical: what to expect in the technical interview + a refresher of common technical topics
  • Behavioral: learn how to present your stories and ace the most routinely underestimated interview

Who this course is for: This course is intended for established PMs, who are already strong product thinkers but need help adapting to the right frameworks.

Taught by David, a former PM, and peer-reviewed by a panel of current and former Google PMs.

For Facebook and other high-growth companies, see The ultimate guide to the Facebook product manager interview.

Peer reviewed

This course is professionally peer reviewed by real Google PMs:

  • Google PM Director

  • Former Google L6 PM

  • PM actively involved with interview training at Google

  • Former Google PM recruiter

17 reviews
samy ago
there were some links in the description that were broken. And the course lacked some depth. Would be more helpful if a sample to the 6 stories was also provided
Jyothsna D. ago
Excellent course! helped me the confidence I need going into my interview with Google. I do wish there was a product strategy section though, especially because the instructor offers such great frameworks. Although with what I learned here, I feel confident about answering these questions.
John P. ago
Offer from Google
I just got hired using this - wanted to come here and thank the team for creating this resource. I tried 3x on my own and always got rejected before.
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Intro (8 lessons)

The PM interview process
The 4 types of interviews at Google
The important ways Google interviews are different than other FANGs
What to do if you're rejected (with a secret hack)
What questions to ask the interviewer
How to use a whiteboard in a video call
Managing your emotional state

Product design (21 lessons)

The types of product design questions you'll get at Google
What Google cares about in this interview
What A+ answers look like
The framework
The product design framework
Step 1: Users
Step 2: User needs
Step 3: Solutions
Step 4: Prioritization
What happens after the framework
Sample answers
Sample answer 1: Design an app for an amusement park
Sample answer 2: How would you improve the airport layover experience?
Tips & strategies
The #1 way to improve your solutions
How to make scope cuts
What to do when you're stuck
Improving communication
The one tip that will instantly improve your communication
What to do when asked a follow up question
What to do if you realize you're wrong halfway through

Analytical (28 lessons)

The 3 types of analytical questions
Goal setting
About goal setting questions
The goal setting framework
How to pick the right metric
The one cheat code nobody tells you about
Sample answer: Instagram stories
About troubleshooting questions
The troubleshooting framework
Sample answer: Uber rides are down 20%
What the interview really tests
The 3 types of estimation questions
What to memorize — and what not to memorize
Fact sheet: helpful figures
The estimation framework
Step 1: Clarifying questions
Step 2: The formula (two methods)
Step 2: The formula, Segmentation method
Step 2: The formula, Estimation tree method
Step 3: Calculating
Step 4: Sanity check
Picking between multiple approaches
What to do when you're stuck
Sample answer 1: How many people are staying in hotels on an average night?
Sample answer 2: What will the market be for driverless cars in 2030?
Sample answer 3: How much storage does Gmail consume?

Technical (14 lessons)

How technical interviews work
The technical interview is not just about technical concepts
The system design framework
What's a server?
Horizontal scaling and load balancing
Message queues
Sample answers
Sample answer: Design Instagram
Sample answer: Design a rideshare system
Sample answer: What happens when you type in your browser?

Behavioral (10 lessons)

The #1 mistake people make in behavioral interviews
Google behavioral interviews - section overview
Hiring culture at Google
Google Hiring Committee + Interview Feedback
What is "Googleyness" and why you should care
5 mistakes to avoid in a Google behavioral interview
6 stories to have in your back pocket
Tell me about yourself (but make it Googley)
How to answer "Why Google?"
Tell me about a project you worked on
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