Affirm, Inc.

Kori Mendonca

Technical Recruiter at Affirm, Inc.
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How was your experience with Kori Mendonca?

📭 Responds quickly50
💸 Fair negotiator50
🎙 Gives interview feedback30
👻 Ghosted me90
💎 Looks out for me50
🗣 Good communicator20
🗞 Proactive10
📚 Knowledgeable10
🙅‍♂️ Pushy20
👷‍♂️ Technical background

Things you need to know before emailing Kori

Has been at Affirm, Inc. for 7 years
Recruiters with longer tenures have more influence and can help get you better outcomes.
Technical recruiter
Technical recruiters are generally not technical themselves, thought they're generally very respected by engineering managers (EMs).
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