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Liviu Draghiciu

Corporate Recruiter at Amazon
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How was your experience with Liviu Draghiciu?

πŸ“­ Responds quickly
πŸ’Έ Fair negotiator
πŸŽ™ Gives interview feedback
πŸ‘» Ghosted me1
πŸ’Ž Looks out for me
πŸ—£ Good communicator
πŸ—ž Proactive
πŸ“š Knowledgeable
πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ Pushy
πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ Technical background

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Ashish M. ago
Very Helpful
AvA ago
nothing new
Vijay S. ago
This is an excellent course. Anyone who wants to understand the Amazon mindset will find it extremel...
Suresh b. ago
Amanda S. ago
Got the job
Levina M. ago
The good context for an interview, while the stats are very US-focused
LIN D. ago
So far this has been great, really tackled a multitude of questions I had regarding preliminary ques...
Kristine S. ago
Warm and concise delivery. Focuses my efforts on high-value interview prep activities. Love the Form...
Emanuela C. ago
The written assignment was great
David A. ago
some of my interview questions i got were exactly the same.
Rumena G. ago
the community is a hidden gem. There's like 300 interview questions in there to practice with. recom...
Marston G. ago
I'll be honest the biggest things I've learned so far were to download Chime ahead of time - good id...
Leslie K. ago
Lots of practical content, including examples of answers. I loved the examples.
Suruchi K. ago
great but brief
Roodra P. ago
Glad I did it, this course was very helfpul for prepping for the Amazon interview. It helped me put ...
Steve K. ago
super helpful
Maria M. ago
For the price of basically 1 coaching session, I got a treasure trove of strategies to use. Would re...
Debby ago
This course was much shorter than I anticipated; however, it provided some good information. Other t...
Dashawn K. ago
just finished my onsite. this might be my first FANG offer EVER. :)))))
Rashad B. ago
Detailed explanations of each leadership principle and lots of worksheets
Chi N. ago
I was skeptical buying this as an engineer. it exceeded my expectations. I am not that good at the b...
Prashant S. ago
A lot of homework on practice questions + help with written assignment, made a big difference
Dave W. ago
great course w lots of homework. I got stuck a few times and the Candor team helped me work through...
Ming L. ago
This is a course where you have to actually work and do the homework- thb I felt a bit annoyed at fi...
Kelly A. ago
Coming from consulting, I was extremely nervous interviewing for a tech role at Amazon - this course...