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Miranda Kalinowski

Global Head of Recruiting at Facebook • New York
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Has been at Facebook for 7 years
Recruiters with longer tenures have more influence and can help get you better outcomes.
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Chetan K. ago
Great framework!
Nikesh S. ago
It is the Facebook recruiter actually recommended I buy this course. I have been working on it for 2...
Pratik A. ago
Hired because of this.
Shri S. ago
so far so good. I knew much of this but hearing it from David really helped. Thank you. Nice way to ...
Yukti ago
I like the framework and it does help simplify the approach. However, I was really hoping for more v...
Christopher Z. ago
I like the course but I feel there is reused material from the Google PM interview. I understand the...
Loretta S. ago
Helpful! I am interviewing second round now
Brian A. ago
The content teaches you how to think vs do it for you so it is hard to do this course.
Gia B. ago
It was recommended to me by a facebook pm. I wish there was more depth in the behavioral section but...
Chris L. ago
I am so grateful for this course - I just made it past the last round of the interview. Truly unbeli...
Urmila G. ago
I got hired. recommend
Anonymous ago
Frameworks are good but could used more mocl examples
DK ago
Great overview of process
Jay R. ago
Great overview. It really helps to set the right expectation during the prep process. Thanks for sha...
Carlos L. ago
Great. I'm learning a lot. The trade-off section is really awesome!
Ramesh M. ago
Good course
Luishan Z. ago
Used this material to prep for the Facebook "Data Scientist, Product Analytics" role — VERY helpful....
Scott S. ago
Found out about this course on the Lewis Lin slack: I was on the fence but I'm really glad I bought ...
Aditya K. ago
- I like the product sense framework in this course, it really emphasizes the importance of user ne...
Ben W. ago
Told all my friends about this course, basically got my RPM offer because of it. David is the real d...
Pandu A. ago
This is the real deal. Wish there was one for Google!!