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Companies negotiate every day, you don’t — Candor helps you have an honest chance at getting your worth.

No risk

No risk

You only pay if we help increase your offer.

Total discretion

Total discretion

Our NDA is designed to protect your information.

Expert advice

Expert advice

Candor negotiators have helped hundreds get a great outcome.

Is your offer competitive?

Find out how much you’re worth and how to ask for more — the right way.

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Jessica Li
San Francisco, CA
I was very shy about speaking with the recruiter and Candor helped me gain confidence and get 60K extra on my PM offer.
Seattle, WA
Candor is honestly invaluable — being able to agonize in front of a rational human being was incredibly helpful and clarifying.
New York, NY
Candor helped me get my offer, get an EXTRA $50k (!!) and find an incredible team. Thank you!
San Francisco, CA
Just wow! When the recruiter got back to me I couldn’t even believe it. I almost doubled my salary.
New York, NY
The data I got from Candor helped me get a much better outcome.
San Francisco, CA
You’d be crazy to negotiate alone

Frequent questions

Who is this for?

This service is for people who currently have a job offer and want help negotiating it. If you don’t currently have an offer, reach out to [email protected] and we can try to help as much as we can.

How does it work?

After an initial call with Candor, you’ll be matched with an agent that will help you with all facets of the negotiation, including negotiation strategy, mock negotiation, as well as helping you understand your equity, review your offer letter and compare compensation between areas with different cost of living.

How much does it cost?

You pay a percentage of the increase in your offer — and you owe nothing if we don’t help you improve your offer or if you end up not joining the company. The terms vary based on the seniority of the role, reach out to [email protected] with more details on your situation.

Do you really help people earn $50k+ more?

That’s even conservative! In some cases, we’ve helped candidates earn $100k+/yr extra — millions in lifetime earnings.

What is your guarantee?

If you get no improvement in your offer or you end up not joining the company, you don’t owe anything — no questions asked.

I’m a pro at negotiation, can I help others?

Yes! If you’re interested in joining our network of agents and helping others earn their worth, reach out to [email protected].

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