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The way top tech employees manage their RSUs

Use a special SEC exception to earn more on your RSUs — previously only available for executives

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The way top tech employees manage their RSUs

Sell your RSUs anytime. Even outside trading windows.

Illustrative example only. With Candor, you can choose to sell your RSUs at a time you decide in advance, including at times that might be better than Issuer-approved trading windows. Not a performance guarantee, your results will depend on your individual factors and circumstances, including your personal investment decision-making.

The SEC exception they don't tell you about in onboarding


Diversify your wealth

Holding your wealth all in one stock is dangerous — automatically diversify your RSUs when they vest.


Sell when others can't

Selling at the same time as everyone else is never a good idea — sell on your schedule.


RSU management on autopilot

Manage your RSUs like the most financially savvy do — all without the extra headaches

Works with your brokerage account

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How you call sell your RSUs during blackout periods

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