The way top tech employees manage their RSUs

Earn more from your RSUs using an automated trading plan — previously only available for executives

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The way top tech employees manage their RSUs

Sell your RSUs anytime. Even outside trading windows.

Illustrative example only. With Candor, you can choose to sell your RSUs at a time you decide in advance, including at times that might be better than issuer-approved trading windows. Not a performance guarantee, your results will depend on your individual factors and circumstances, including your personal investment decision-making.

Why the most financially savvy use Candor for their RSUs

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Save 15-20% on capital gains tax

Automatically hold your shares to get long-term capital gains — and pay less in taxes.

Stop trying to time the market

Use Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to smooth out variability and get predictable income.

Automatically diversify

Holding your money all in one stock is risky — automatically diversify your RSUs at vest.

The SEC exception they don't tell you about in onboarding

For two decades, executives have been able to sell their RSUs using a special automated trading plan — now you can too

Diversify your wealth

Holding your wealth all in one stock is dangerous — automatically diversify your RSUs when they vest.


Sell when others can't

Selling at the same time as everyone else is never a good idea — sell on your schedule.


RSU management on autopilot

Manage your RSUs like the most financially savvy do — all without the extra headaches

Works with your brokerage account

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Frequent questions

What are RSUs and trading windows?

RSUs are shares that employees earn as part of their compensation. Since people earning RSUs might also have insider information about the company, they're not allowed to sell their shares whenever they want — they can usually only sell during a narrow window after earnings are announced every quarter.

Executives have been able to sell outside trading windows for decades using a special regulation — Candor democratizes access to that.

Who is this for?

Candor helps people who earn RSUs at public companies. To be eligible, you need to be a legal resident of the US and your company needs to be using Schwab.

We're actively working to add support for ESPP & additional brokerages. Join the early access list to be the first to know when it's ready.

How much does it cost?

Candor charges a fixed annual fee that remains constant regardless of the amount of RSUs managed on the platform.

Does my company need to approve this?

Rules vary by company — some companies require notice or approval of plans, some don't. Look for the keyword "10b5-1" in your internal knowledge base to confirm; it's your responsibility to make sure your automated trading plan complies with your employer's rules and Candor will provide all the necessary paperwork should your employer want to review it.

What if my company uses Fidelity, E-Trade or Morgan Stanley?

​​We're actively working to support more brokerages! Join the early access list to be the first to know when it's ready. Additionally, you can email if you want to be a beta tester.

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