Manage your career and wealth together.

Most of your tech salary is paid out in stock, effectively making your career the biggest wealth management decision of your lifetime. We’re building tools to help you manage both your career and your wealth together holistically.

We believe in wealth equity

Most of us in tech are “first generation” — first to go to college, first to be an engineer, first to be paid in RSUs. At Candor, we’re building products to help you invest not just in yourself but also in your communities — all towards building lasting legacies of wealth and opportunity.

Our 3 step approach to wealth equity in tech

Closing the job and money knowledge gap

Working towards true wealth equity

Democratizing wealth management


Manage your hard-earned RSUs

We think it's unfair that only CEOs get access to the best wealth advice. That’s why we launched the first platform to help you manage, diversify, and predict your RSU pay.


We make transparency a priority

Companies negotiate salaries every day. You don’t. Candor hosts the largest tech salary database with over 5 million datapoints and makes it free for everyone to use. We're recognized as the industry experts on tech compensation.


Tech career & finance resources

Information assymetry leads to skewed access to opportunity. Many of us are the “ first to work in tech” in our community. We’re closing the knowledge gap with 400+ articles and guides on career and wealth and our weekly newsletter.

Our Team Values

We’re united by one goal: helping pioneers. It’s hard to be the first in your family to “make it” - it’s even harder to bring that opportunity to your whole community. We believe everyone in tech deserves equal access to the best resources and we’re working hard to build them for you.

Owner Mindset

We move fast, but we like things done right the first time. We treat everyone on our team like an entrepreneur in their own domain.

Simple & Humble

The hardest thing in the world is to make things simple. We value the humility it takes to make products universally accessible.

Creative Tenacity

When there's a wall, we find a way through — even if it means going over the wall, under the wall, through the wall, making friends with the wall or figuring out why the wall doesn't matter.

Low Ego, High Execution

We approach each other with kindness, best intentions, and humility. Together, we are uncompromising and hold each other to that standard.


We fight hard for what we believe is right, and we operate with integrity toward each other and the community we serve.

Safe & Sound

We have deep respect for the trust clients place in us. Security, compliance and risk awareness are foundational to everything we do.

Our motto: respice finem

At Candor, we believe in building things that last.

Whether it’s investing responsibly or navigating our careers with integrity, we encourage our community to always “look to the end” with everything we do. Because longevity always starts with a long term perspective.

Meet our founders

Niya Dragova

Niya Dragova

Niya comes from a finance & compliance background — she held multiple senior roles at the top private bank in the US, First Republic Bank. Over her tenure, she managed quant, strat and science teams under the Chief Investment Officer and CEO, overseeing more than $50B in assets. She is originally Bulgarian.

David Chouinard

David Chouinard

David comes from a product & engineering background, having worked at Lyft and Facebook. Prior to that, he was a Disney Imagineer. He's passionate about advanced data visualization techniques and helped teach Harvard's course on the topic, growing it to become one of the most popular courses on campus.

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