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About candor

Companies negotiate salaries every day, you don't.

The information asymmetry between you and company recruiters is ripe for bad outcomes. We built Candor to give you a fair chance at getting the competitive pay you deserve.

What we stand for

Pay it forward

We’re a community of tech professionals who look out for each other.

Data informed

We rely on verified salary data and insider information through our network to help you systematically and thoroughly craft a negotiation strategy.

Total discretion

We understand how nerve-wracking it is to share your salary information with strangers — when you deal with Candor, your information is under NDA.

Holistic decisions

We work with a network of investment professionals, lawyers, recruiters, accountants and senior HR professionals to evaluate how the choices you make can impact your future.

Customer centric

Our legal team consists of professionals who worked in government regulating our industry. We designed our contracts and disclosures to be easy to understand and fair.

Made by people like you

We’re not executive coaches. We’re engineers, PMs, and HR people from major tech companies. We’ve been in your shoes and we know how to guide you with your career development in mind.

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We're always looking to meet new people and get more perspective on what we can do better. It's our mission to help you earn more.

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