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The Hush on Amazon Careers in NYC

Decide if it's the right office for you.

Working in a satellite office (even if it's in New York City) makes many people nervous about career mobility and political visibility. Will your work have just as much impact from your office in Brooklyn as that of your colleagues in Seattle? Let's break down the considerations of working in Amazon's newest location so you can decide if a full-time role there is right for you.

Consider Team Availability in New York

Not all careers are built equal - if you're an executive assistant, human resources, or a customer solutions manager, you likely have more mobility than a product manager, solutions architect, or software development engineer.

Technical role career success is tightly coupled with picking the right team at Amazon. In other words, if the best team for you is AWS (amazon web services), then New York may not be your top choice for location. Being as close as possible to the senior leadership team of your business unit who drives decisions in your org is important, especially early on in your career. 

When picking a team, consider this - recruiters don't always give you a full list of the teams in any given location. If you're coming through a generalist queue especially, take a glance at the open positions on the website or chat with us at Candor about what roles and teams have open positions that would be a good fit.

Of course, team fit is not just about "where can I advance the most as a product manager?" Mobility is great but make sure you like the people as well. Amazon is an equal opportunity employer but like any company in tech, diversity can sometimes be an issue depending on the team.

Some Teams in NY are...

  • Amazon Live
  • WW Account Management Insights & Performance Team
  • Delivery Service Partner (DSP) Management Team
  • AWS Tech U
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • CPG Group
  • Retail and Marketplace
  • Global Real Estate & Facilities (GREF)
  • Amazon Offline Retail
  • Amazon Worldwide Advertising

Consider Work/Life Balance

Amazon has one of the better trade-offs on work/life balance than most FAANG companies. But definitely don't expect to work from home frequently, unless your manager supports it. On average, benefits at Amazon are also less competitive than most other large tech companies - read beyond the job posting and ask your recruiter/human resources rep to give you the packet early in the conversation. You may want to negotiate for gaps in coverage with your current employer as you transition.

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