Pay less taxes

3 tax settings to keep more of what you earn.

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Taxes eat into returns


taxes paid over 10 years for $100k invested
For illustrative purposes only. Based on a 2% annual net tax rate over 10 years. Actual results will depend on your individual factors and circumstances, including your personal investment decision-making.

Taxes can really eat into returns. Don’t let them.

Tax drag reductionTax efficient portfolios
Wash sale schedulerLong-term capital gains

3 tax settings to help you keep more of what you earn

wash sales

Get a tax writeoff by timing sales correctly

See how Candor avoids wash sales →

Pay a lower tax rate when selling

See how Candor optimizes your tax rate →
tax-free rebalancing

Less taxes when re-investing your RSUs

See how Candor’s Tax-free rebalancing works →

Avoid losing
money to taxes

Capital gains optimizer
Wash sale scheduler
Tax-free rebalancing
Avoid losing money
Your 125 shares have been sold at $12,510.
Not just taxes
Get the most from your RSUs
Trading Plan
Sell your RSUs more efficiently with a 10b5-1 trading plan
Re-invest your RSUs in an institutional-grade portfolios
Price tracking
Sell your RSUs at a better price. No trading windows.
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Frequent questions

10b5-1 trading plans
How is Candor different?

How does Candor save me money on taxes?

Candor helps you both sell and re-invest your RSUs in a tax efficient way.

  • Selling: when you sell your shares matters a lot for taxes. Candor's algorithms automatically time your trades so you pay less in taxes.
  • Re-investing: If you use a traditional advisor to invest, the way their process works would causes extra taxes for you every quarter. The way Candor re-invests doesn't cause an extra tax cost. More about tax-free rebalancing.

Will I have to do anything special when I file my taxes?

Can Candor work with my accountant?