Sell better with a trading plan

Sell weekly, get a better average price and save on taxes — all with a 10b5-1 trading plan
optimize your RSUs

See why a trading plan is better than selling on your own

Sell RSUs weekly

Forget about trading windows — with a trading plan, you can sell any time it’s convenient for you.
What about trading windows?

Efficient, gradual trades

Every time you vest, trades are smoothed out over 12 weeks to get the best average price.

Efficient, gradual trades

Keep more of what you earn

Automatically time your trades to pay less in taxes. More about tax savings

How does Candor do this?

What about trading windows?

By pre-scheduling your trades you’re allowed to trade at any time. Learn more about 10b5-1 plans.

The most savvy use trading plans

From CEOs to engineers, 10b5-1 plans can reduce volatility and help build long-term wealth


One executive sold $4B RSUs this year alone, selling shares nearly every day.
Based on Form 4 public filings retrieved March 2022. For illustrative purposes only, not an indication of affiliation with or endorsement of Candor.
Based on Form 4 public filings retrieved March 2022. For illustrative purposes only, not an indication of affiliation with or endorsement of Candor.

Executives have been using trading plans for decades

Candor makes it accessible to regular employees — no expensive lawyers or advisors needed

Beats traditional paper-based plans

Trading plans are normally expensive and complicated to set up — with Candor it takes less than 5 minutes. Plus, Candor's trading plans come built-in with tax optimizations, portfolios and more.
5-minute setup time
Works continuously
Works on future vests
Re-invest your RSUs into a portfolio
3 built-in tax settings to choose from
Traditional, paper-based 10b5-1 plans
Candor 10b5-1 plan
Weeks of emails and calls to setup
Redo process every year
Not available
Not available
Not available
Try it out

Get clarity today

See your RSU recommendations
Experiment with settings
Sign up only when you’re ready.
Become a client
Holding until your shares reach $415.
More than trading plans

Get the most from your RSUs

Re-invest your RSUs in an institutional - grade portfolios
Learn more

Tax optimizations
Choose from 3 tax settings to keep more of what you earn
Learn more

Price triggers
Sell your RSUs at a better price. No trading windows.
Learn more

Frequent questions

Trading plans
How is Candor different than...

How does Candor work?

Candor helps you use a trading algorithm to manage your RSUs. With Candor, you can automatically time trades to save on taxes, reduce losses and earn more per share.

The first step is to see what we recommend for your specific situation. Get your recommendations here.

After that, you'll have a chance to access the dashboard and fine tune your settings. If you have any questions, email or use the chat feature on your dashboard.

How much does it cost?

What about trading windows?

What's a 10b5-1 plan?

Does my company need to approve me using Candor?

Who is Candor?

Is Candor a fiduciary?