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Hi, I'm David — the cofounder of Candor.

Seeing many of my friends worried about this, I'm maintaining this list of companies freezing hiring (and those that are still hiring).

Our expertise at Candor is salary negotiation, but we took time out to work on this and help those affected.

The list is 100% user-generated — add information about your company below if you know anything.

P.S. If you've been laid off — add your resume to the Layoff Hiring List.

David Chouinard
David Chouinard
Cofounder, Candor
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Industries with most hiring freezes & layoffs

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Industries with most hiring freezes & layoffs

What you should know about hiring freezes

It's unclear how long the coronavirus pandemic is going to last or how much COVID-19 is going to affect the hiring market in the long term. Right now, about 60% of companies aren't making new hires, but many are just temporarily waiting to see how things shake out.

Recessions tend to make companies close to failure fail faster and accelerate stronger companies. There will be fewer jobs, but the best jobs will be with large companies — for already dominant players, recessions tend to wipe out competitors, make it easier to acquire talent and provide breathing room to invest in big leaps forward.

Consider big tech companies like Google, Amazon and LinkedIn. Tech is likely to take a hit, but overall continue to remain one of the most productive parts of the economy and be relatively better off.

You can use table above to filter companies hiring and see their job postings — get a head start while we're all staying at home.

Recessions affect different sectors very unevenly. Be cautious of:

  • Companies that represent non-essential/discretionary spend, like travel (e.g. Uber & Lyft), restaurants and entertainment
  • Capital intensive businesses, like manufacturing
  • Business models that depend highly on ads, as ad budgets are among the first business expenses to be cut

A recession is a difficult time, but it's also a time when entire markets shift and new opportunities open up for the most ambitious.

The pandemic means any company still hiring will have their pick of the best candidates — make sure you differentiate yourself by preparing acareer wins list. It's the best way for you to create leverage when you do go to negotiate salary.


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If you do get a job and you want to make sure your offer is competitive, or get expert advice on salary negotiation, schedule a time to speak — it's what we do.

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