I paid $350k to the IRS because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was supposed to make $550k with my first RSUs — and nearly all of it went to the IRS. It was devastating.

I spent years researching every trick and paying every wealth manager, accountant and lawyer out there. I realized a lot of these strategies could be automated and made much cheaper — that’s why I started Candor.

Candor founder David Chouinard
Funded by tech employees who want to pay less for financial access

Simple pricing made for humans

Without Candor

Hire 3 different experts

  • Accountant
  • Financial advisor
  • Security lawyers
Pay less, save more
All-in-one platform

We paid the experts and automated their strategies — so you don't have to

$350 per hr
Financial advisor
1-2% of your wealth
Securities lawyers
$600 per hr

More functionality at a lower cost

Anyone can create a trading plan?
Works on future vests
Trading algorithms
Is a fiduciary?
Financial advisor
Re-invest RSUs into a portfolio
Tax-free rebalancing
tax accountant
Optimize trade timing to save on taxes
you pay
Feature available
Hefty account minimum
Not available
Not available
1-2% of invested amount
Not available
Flat price
$250 per year

And we don’t sneak charges in

Performance fees
The $250 annual fee is billed to your account after your first transaction. No upfront costs.

Peace of mind for less than you'll pay for brunch this year