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Twitter Employee Benefits Demystified

Twitter was known as a laid back employer - is that still true?

As one of Silicon Valley’s top companies, it’s no surprise that Twitter treats their employees, affectionately called “Tweeps,” incredibly well. With an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Glassdoor as of July 2021, Twitter is one of the highest-ranked companies on the platform.

Here are some highlights of some of the best benefits and perks for Twitter employees.

Fantastic Health Benefits

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Twitter boasts “complete medical and dental benefits,” as is common in the tech industry. Several Twitter employees on Glassdoor and Blind claim that health insurance is fully covered and includes medical, vision and dental insurance with no monthly premiums.

A Twitter employee wrote on Glassdoor:

"One of the best health insurance packages that I’ve enjoyed. Twitter contracts top insurance for its employees."

... and this review is not unique - it mimics what most employees are saying about Twitter's health benefits, particularly in recent years.

There is also an array of health plans to choose from, including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) options with varying deductibles. Many employees report receiving coverage through Cigna, a global health insurance provider.

Additionally, Twitter offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for employees - plans that help cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Mixed Reviews About Financial Benefits

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Standard ESPP

Twitter offers an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) through which employees can purchase Twitter stock at a 15% discount.

This discount is fairly standard across companies that offer ESPPs; though you might be surprised by the companies that don't offer ESPPs - Amazon, Facebook, and Google are among the tech giants that don't offer this financial benefit.

Mediocre 401K

Some employees have criticized the low matching rate for Twitter's 401K (50% up to $3000, according to FANGT), which is low for companies of similar size. Some Glassdoor reviewers claim to have received no matching at all.

Competitive Salary

Overall, Twitter employees seem extremely satisfied with the pay. The average salary at Twitter across all roles in the US is $273K per year including base, bonuses, and equity. You can filter salaries according to your role, level, and location in Candor's salary database.

Now, let's take a closer look at the equity portion of Twitter's compensation package. Twitter offers its employees RSUs which typically vest over 4 years at a rate of 25% per year.

Life and Disability Insurance

Some employees report that life insurance was not part of their packages at Twitter, while others report the opposite; however, the policy is rated very poorly overall. lists accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance as a benefit for Twitter employees. This type of coverage is fairly common in the tech industry, with companies such as Tesla, Reddit and Google all offering some type of AD&D insurance.

In-Office Perks

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A foodie's paradise

If you’re a foodie, you’re in luck at Twitter. From snacks and smoothies to gourmet meals, Twitter has some of the best food in the industry.

The company offers free breakfast and lunch to employees as well as heavily discounted dinner (around $5). It’s good food too — employees rave about the selection and quality.

Blind user FANGT wrote:

“I've eaten at almost all the tech companies in the Bay Area and Twitter's food is definitely one of the best.”

A Twitter employee on Glassdoor raved:

“Even on food, Twitter practices inclusivity. They provide options that would cater to different needs of the employees.”

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Apart from meals, food is relatively well-stocked in the office as well. “Twitter has great snacks and coffee on every floor. Espresso machines in every kitchenette,” a Twitter employee wrote on Glassdoor. FANGT also wrote that the office had fully-stocked beer refrigerators as well as beer and wine on tap. Employees can even access free smoothie and juice bars with 20+ different fruits and vegetables.

Notable on-site amenities

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Twitter offices also provide a variety of amenities, including:

  • Company shuttles or transportation allowances
  • On-site mother’s rooms
  • Gender-neutral restrooms
  • Laundry
  • Recreational areas
  • A music jam room
  • Internal tech classes that you can sign up for and take during work hours
  • Ping pong table and video game arcade area

Out-of-Office Time

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When it comes to time away from the office, Twitter is extremely lenient:

  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO)
  • Unlimited sick days
  • Generous work from home (WFH) policy
  • 20 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave, regardless of gender

Yes, you can get unlimited PTO

While more and more tech firms are working to improve work-life balance, it’s still quite rare to have unlimited PTO and sick days. A 2019 Mercer survey found that only three percent of responding companies offered unlimited paid time off to their employees.

Want flexibility with where to work from? You're in luck at Twitter

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter had a very flexible work-from-home policy. Naturally, due to the pandemic, Twitter has allowed for WFH flexibility much like the majority of tech companies around the country.

However, Twitter has taken WFH to the next step: even after the pandemic, Tweeps will never be required to return to the workplace if they choose not to.

“At Twitter, we'll never force you to go back to the office. We believe in flexibility and choice when it comes to where and how you work.”

Additionally, all Tweeps get a productivity allowance to pay for the office supplies they need for their role. Twitter provides laptops and accessories such as ergonomic keyboards and dongles for free.

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Of course, some Tweeps prefer to come into the office for work (perhaps for the amazing food). Luckily, Twitter allows flexibility around working from home, working in office, or a combination of both.

Professional Development

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Twitter invests benefits into developing their employees professionally, including:

  • Skill classes and free educational subscriptions
  • According to FANGT, the company covers $1,500 annually per employee for attendance at tech conferences
  • Employees also get free subscriptions to O’Reilly Media’s Safari Books and the book-summarizing service Blinkist
  • Twitter encourages cross-functional training and internal promotion
  • Additionally, Twitter has mentorship programs and customized development tracks for employees

Community Outreach

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Employees who make donations to eligible nonprofits can expect Twitter to match them up to $2,000 USD per year.

Additionally, Twitter holds the annual Twitter for Good Day, a company-wide day of service to help local communities.

Bottom Line

Above all, Twitter emphasizes the philosophy that employees should “love where you work” and that “work should work around you, not the other way around.” This overall cultural philosophy has given employees flexibility with their working hours, where they work (whether it be in the office or at home), and the general amenities that come with a fun, positive workplace.

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