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What are Benefits Like for Corporate Employees at DoorDash?

Thinking about applying for a position at DoorDash? Here are the corporate benefits you should know about.

DoorDash launched with the mission of helping to enable every merchant to deliver. According to a 2013 Medium post penned by DoorDash’s four co-founders – Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang and Evan Moore – the idea for the delivery service came when the co-founders interviewed the store manager of a local macaroon store, who expressed her frustrations with fulfilling delivery orders.

This conversation eventually led the co-founders to start Palo Alto Delivery, which would eventually become known as DoorDash. Since its founding in 2012, DoorDash has grown to become one of the largest food delivery companies in the United States.

The company’s premise of delivering food to customers is built on the ideas of modern convenience and flexibility. But can the company say the same about its benefits for corporate employees? And what is it really like to work as a corporate employee for the food delivery service? We put in the research to find out below.

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One of the Best Diversity Intiatives in the Industry

DoorDash's Progress and Goals. Credits: DoorDash

DoorDash's commitment to diversity and pay equity is virtually unmatched among other tech giants. The company published an in-depth review of its progress over the past year to improve its representation across the company.

Here are some notable achievements:

  1. DoorDash has attained pay equity across genders, races, and ethnicities, and the company guarantees that it is an equal pay for equal work company.
  2. 42% of employees in leadership positions worldwide — meaning director level and higher — identify as women or nonbinary people
  3. 57% of women and nonbinary people on the U.S. team are people of color. Women and nonbinary people of color make up 26% of DoorDash's U.S. workforce.
  4. 32% of U.S. employees are underrepresented people of color
  5. DoorDash has doubled the representation of Black and Latinx new hires in the past year — now, underrepresented people of color make up 38% of all new hires.

Take As Much Time As You Want for Yourself with Unlimited PTO

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Like many tech companies in the Bay Area, DoorDash offers unlimited vacation days to its salaried employees. According to their “Careers” page, DoorDash explains that the company operates on a “Time When You Need It” policy, allowing corporate salaried employees to take as much time off as they need.

Unlimited PTO may not be everything it's made out to be

However, unlimited PTO can be a blessing or a curse depending on the company and its overall work environment. While it may seem like the ultimate perk to be able to take as much vacation time as you please, it is not always everything it is made out to be.

In a Fast Company article titled “For millennials, unlimited vacation isn’t always a perk” from September 2019, it is cited that the number of job postings touting unlimited vacation has nearly tripled since 2015, from 450 per million postings to almost 1,300 in 2019 (the time the article was published).

The case against unlimited PTO
While many companies say unlimited PTO is something their employees greatly value and appreciate, some employees have said that they actually take fewer vacation days since there is no framework for how many days they are expected to take off. And since you don't accrue leave, your company doesn't have to pay you for unused PTO.

Difficult work-life balance and intense work culture

At DoorDash, some employees have commented on struggles with work/life balance and that the company does have a very busy and hustle-heavy work environment.

One GlassDoor review praised the company overall with a 5/5 review but did caution:

“If you want to work at DoorDash, you will work a lot. The pace of work is very fast and the expectations of employees are very high. We are always changing and iterating on processes and new markets, so you have to be comfortable with change to work here.”

Though the review was largely positive, this could suggest that employees may not be as free to take unlimited PTO as they might want.

Commitment to Health & Wellness

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Premium health insurance plans

DoorDash offers its corporate employees premium medical, dental and vision insurance plans that its employees seem to be very happy with. Many past and current employees reported on Glassdoor that DoorDash’s insurance plans exceed or match expectations of other comparable tech companies.

On Glassdoor, one employee describes their satisfaction with the health insurance at DoorDash:

“Health insurance is free for the basic package and the basic package is great. You can choose from Anthem or Kaiser. I've paid a lot to get coverage this good so the fact that there's zero cost to the employee is amazing.”

Another employee shares similar feelings on Glassdoor:

“Health insurance is really solid, you can choose from 3 plans the free one having a deductible of 500 and an out of pocket max of 3500.

Fertility coverage

Corporate employees can also receive fertility coverage which could help employees who are seeking treatment services like an IVF to start a family.

Fitness stipend

Additionally, corporate employees also receive a monthly gym and wellness reimbursement. According to Built in SF, DoorDash reimburses employees up to $75 on fitness activities every month.

Whether you are looking to invest in a gym membership or participate in regular fitness classes, DoorDash appears to be committed to supporting their employees in their fitness goals without making dents to their wallets.

Competitive Compensation But No 401K Match

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Competitive salaries

Another benefit that DoorDash offers to its corporate employees is competitive salaries with bi-annual performance reviews.

According to its Careers website, DoorDash also offers corporate employees “meaningful equity opportunities” with quarterly vesting. So, employees with RSUs as part of their compensation receive 6.25% of their shares per quarter (or 25% per year) over 4 years.

No 401k matching

Though DoorDash corporate employees do have a 401K through DoorDash, DoorDash does not offer any company matching, which is a common perk offered by other similarly sized tech companies — a major drawback in terms of saving for the future.

Want to Work From Home? Get Flexible Work Support

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DoorDash also advertises that it provides its corporate employees with at-home office equipment and monthly wi-fi support while allowing employees to work from home. According to Blind, the company offers a one-time $750 allowance and $40 per month for wi-fi.

While at-home employees don't receive the same meal benefits that in-office employees do, DoorDash does offer free lunch on Fridays for those that work from home.

In-Office Perks

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On the other hand, if you work in the office, DoorDash offers tons of great on-site perks.

In true DoorDash fashion, the company provides its corporate employees with free catered lunch and dinner every day. Lunch is typically catered by two different merchants and employees frequently enjoy salad bars and sandwiches.

Additionally, DoorDash also offers snacks and breakfast foods in the kitchen. On Glassdoor, past and present employees raved about the great food offered to DoorDash employees that is a definite perk of working at the office.

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Aside from the great food, DoorDash offers some other perks worth mentioning, according to Built in SF:

  • Casual dress
  • Beer on tap
  • A game room
  • On-site garage parking
  • Company outings and happy hours

In Conclusion

On its website, DoorDash declares, “Top-notch benefits enable you to feel as rewarded in your personal life as you do at work.” It’s clear that DoorDash goes out of its way to take care of its employees with benefits like unlimited PTO, comprehensive insurance plans and other perks like free meals and a monthly wellness stipend.

If you are interested in working at DoorDash as a corporate employee and enjoying these benefits, check out DoorDash’s current open positions here.

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