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Fun Desk Accessories You Totally Need

Spruce up your home office with these must-have desk accessories.

Working from home all day isn't easy, so the least you can do for yourself is liven up your workspace. And no, I'm not talking about practical things like an adjustable desk or a mouse pad. I'm talking fun, new office accessories!

Aside from standard office supplies like a stapler, tape dispenser, or paper clips, there are tons of fun desk accessories to improve your space. 

Plus, a little splurge never hurt anyone. Or, at least, that is what I tell myself to justify online purchases I have no business making (you should see my Amazon wishlist!)

If you're looking for a way to have a more beautiful and functional home office, I have some desk decor suggestions that are worth checking out.

Aesthetic Accessories

1. Taschen Books

If your office has a bookcase, or enough space for a few novels + some bookends, this might be the right accessory for you.

I live and breathe art and having constant inspiration around me is so important when building new things. Having brand, art and logo books in my workspace really motivates me creatively.

2. Thinking Toys

Since I think better with sensory stimulation, I love thinking toys that I can fiddle with. A lot of them even come in aesthetic colors, like silver, gold, and rose gold. My favorite by far is the Jack Puzzle by Craighill.

I got so obsessed that I convinced my old company to buy 500 of them as giveaways (because I secretly wanted a bunch for myself). It's actually pretty hard to solve because the pieces are slippery and you need a lot of dexterity. Bonus points- it doubles as a paperweight.

3. Geometric Sticky Notes

I keep fun sticky notes in my desk organizer so they're always nearby-- when I need to write down an idea, accessibility is key. These are some of my favorites:

4. Tea time stuff

I drink ridiculous amounts of tea: if you saw me checkout at a grocery store, you'd be shocked by how much I buy. So of course, I love fun teacups. My current favorite is this transparent glass set from Seletti.

5. Skandinavisk Candles

I love burning a candle when I'm concentrating on a task. This is one of my favorites-- it has a very clean scent. Plus, it looks great with my light wood desk.

Functional Accessories

1. The "right" notepad

Taking hand-written notes and sketching UI by hand are both very important to me. Call me old fashioned, but it's incredibly calming to organize my thoughts this way. I've tested hundreds of notepads for the optimal paper thickness, texture and layout.

In my ~expert~ opinion, my absolute favorite notepad is the Leuchtturm 1917 Special Edition Red Dots:

2. The "right" pen

Of course, paper is nothing without the right pen. Throw your crappy pens in the trash can-- this one is way better than your standard office or school supplies.

I grew up around architects and developed a special affinity for technical pens - they glide smoothly across paper and come in different thicknesses that I alternate between to make my notes more readable.

My ultimate favorite is the Rotring Rapidograph Technical Pen.

3. Hanko

I am obsessed with signatures! One of my favorite things I brought back from Japan is a hanko stamp made from buffalo horn. It makes my signature extra special (and it gives me a legitimate excuse to use a stamp).

4. Scissors

There are very few things I like more than these HMM Desk Scissors. They have a cool, minimalist look. Plus, they'll free up some space in your pencil cup, drawer, or desktop organizer. These look great standing alone on your office desk or countertop.

5. Wireless Charger

I get tired of all the cords underneath my desk-- my desk lamp and computer charger make enough clutter for me! This phone stand/wireless charger combo from MUIFA is super ergonomic. I also love the light wood, instead of a plastic/acrylic look.

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