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Student Job Marketplaces in Tech

Which job board is right for you?

The job hunt for college grads has become easier with the development of student-targeted marketplaces that have streamlined the pathway to impressive first jobs.

However, with so many different options available – from AI powered job boards to personalized mentorship programs – choosing one to start with can be daunting. That's why we have compiled a list of the top 5 career platforms for college students.

So which of these is right for you? Let's find out.


Free for anyone with a '.edu' email address, students build an online profile listing their career and academic interests along with their resume resume and cover letter which can be reviewed by employers. Students can also receive messages, event invites and new job info directly from recruiters. With over 500,000 participating companies on this platform, there are job and internship listings of all industries.

The platform also has many unique features, including:

Access to their specific institution's virtual 'Career Center."

This feature allows students to easily connect with their university's career services staff and get information about school career fairs and other resources.

Ability to read and write reviews about various companies.

This feature allows students to write about their experiences working at a specific company and reach each other's reviews for research.

What do the reviews say?

However, student reviews about Handshake seem to be a hit-or-miss for actual job placement. This dilemma makes sense-- are thousands of students on the platform and only 1-2 available positions per job listing. Many students have shown disappointment when they don't receive any responses, despite sending out hundreds of applications. Overall, Handshake is an easily accessible resource for college students that provides a solid starting point for the job hunt.

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Jumpstart is the self-proclaimed “all-in-one virtual recruiting platform.” This free platform works as a matchmaking job board: Students build an online profile, the Jumpstart algorithm connects them to jobs that fit their background, and users can then apply to 3 jobs a day. The matchmaking process is based on the algorithm’s ‘percent match,’ which takes into account a user’s skill level and company culture fit, making the job search tailored to each student. By pre-filtering positions, candidates can save time looking for jobs that match their work experience level and overall fit. In addition, the site has a community forum for students to discuss topics such as interviewing strategies, company cultures and more.

What do the reviews say?

Like Handshake, student reviews have deemed actual job placement to be shaky. According to Reddit reviews, students have found the site to be a generally useful tool, but nothing life changing.

"I've gotten 1 interview from there so I guess it's at least worth it to have a profile but don't expect much from it."

While Jumpstart's AI-powered job search function does give it an edge compared to other platforms, some are wary about missing out on opportunities. Due to the percent match filter, students may be unable to view jobs that they were not 'matched' to via the algorithm.

All in all, the platform is a good jumping off tool that streamlines the job searching process for students looking to maximize their time and effort.


Although LinkedIn isn’t a student specific career platform, many of its features are advantageous for new grads. As a social media platform, LinkedIn allows students to request referrals from their peers, reach out to current employees at any company, research companies and browse job listings. Through virtual networking, students can connect with all types of people to get the tips they need for career progression.

What do the reviews say?

Specifically for job listings, LinkedIn has an ‘Easy Apply’ function which stores a user’s resume and cover letter, making the job application process as simple as a few clicks. Student reviewers on Reddit have found this function to be effective.

“Got an interview request immediately after doing easy apply. Here’s to the future that it will be more common.”

The site also has a ‘LinkedIn for Students’ page which lists all kinds of tip sheets and videos to help new grads start their job hunting process. Furthermore, those who want further access to profiles and company information, the LinkedIn Premium subscription can be bought at $24.95 a month.

Across the board, LinkedIn has been lauded as one of the best career advancement and networking tools and has proven to be a credible, valuable resource for students starting their careers.


Pathrise is unique in that it guides students through the whole career searching process. Students must apply to join the Pathrise program, which includes:

● 1-on-1 mentorship from top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Airbnb and more

● Live video lectures that provide insider tips

● Interview preparation

● Salary negotiation assistance

The program also has various ‘industry tracks’ including ‘Software Engineering,’ ‘Product Design,’ ‘Product, Strategy, Operation,’ ‘Data Science,’ and ‘Marketing’ to ensure that the program is tailored to each individual’s specific career interests.

Moreover, the company proclaims to have helped 534 students find jobs in the tech industry, with $90,795 being the average junior base salary and $152,432 being the average senior based salary.

What do the reviews say?

Despite these impressive statistics, the program is costly.

Once accepted into the program, students must either sign an income share agreement or pay an upfront fee of $7,000. The income share agreement means that if a student finds a job during their program, they must pay Pathrise back 9% of their first year’s salary over the course of their first six months on the job. Students are able to sign up for a free two week trial, or receive a refund if they do not find a job after 12 months with the program. However, Reddit reviewers have noted that this ‘9%’ number is inaccurate.

“The income share percentage is applied at your pre-tax income. After taxes, you actually pay anywhere from 12-14% of the money you actually take home.”

In fact, another Reddit reviewer who used Pathrise critiqued their lack of transparency about the income share agreement.

“Once you sign the income share agreement and are in the program for 2 weeks, they are legally entitled to 9% of your first year’s salary for any job you land, regardless of whether they helped you land the job or not. I finally landed a job through a referral from a friend. Pathrise did not help me with that in any way and yet I still owed them several thousands of dollars simply because of the income share agreement.”

However, other Reddit reviewers felt that Pathrise was worth the cost. Many indicated that they went into the job searching process with zero knowledge and hard/soft skills necessary for success. After going through the program, they landed jobs and left feeling more confident for future interviews.

Pathrise seems best suited for students who require the extra career assistance. Especially students who have experienced a series of rejections or lack of application response may consider the extra cost to understand their flaws and begin their career.

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WayUp is a free job board tailored to college students and recent grads. While many jobs require a hefty 10+ years of experience, WayUp ensures that users only look at jobs that they are qualified for.

This is through their matchmaking process: Users set up a profile that includes their resume, portfolio, past experiences and hobbies. Employers are then asked to specify specific skills and qualifications that would make a prime candidate for their specific job listing. The algorithm then uses this information to match students to jobs that they are qualified to perform, making the job application process more time and effort efficient for both parties.

What do the reviews say?

WayUp is one of the most popular career platforms, with more than 3.5 million users and 300,000 participating employers from Fortune 500 companies to startups, as of March 2017. Generally, the platform has received positive feedback, and appears to be another tool that students can utilize to find jobs right for them.

So What Should I Pick?

Depending on your experience level and career timeline, each of these online platforms have their tradeoffs, and you can choose to start with one, or use multiple concurrently. Ultimately, these platforms exist as resources for you to utilize, so experiment with them and see what works best for you!

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